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Short Term Rentals Toronto

Before we jump into Toronto’s relatively new short-term rentals rules, let’s clarify what are considered “short-term rentals” . Short-term rentals are condominiums, apartments or any other rental property, that holds a lease which is less than the standard 12-month lease agreement. Staying in a hotel, or hostel therefore, would obviously not be considered a short-term…
best museums in toronto

Must-See Museums in Toronto

Must-See Museums in Toronto It’s humbling to go to museums and see works of art that were carefully sculpted and painted with care by artists. It shows the vibrant culture and the phenomenal changes the city went through and how life is depicted by the artists. There’s always something magical when you enter the threshold…
best neighbourhoods in toronto

Best Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Toronto is a place of new opportunities, cultures, and friendly neighbourhoods that you might enjoy living in. This is a place to meet new friends – it’s the most populous city in Canada and known to be multicultural and thriving with its various commercial and financial centres. It’s a melting pot of diverse cultures, bright…

The Best Coworking Spaces in Toronto

A lot of startup companies look for space they can work in temporarily until they can find the ideal location for their business. Freelancers or digital nomads also want a space they can work in while they’re travelling or simply when they just want a new area to work on to focus better. There is…
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Everything You Need to Know About Living in Toronto

Are you considering making a move to Toronto? The city is one of the best neighborhoods in the country, so rest assured that your decision is well-made. Also known as “T-dot”, the Toronto metro area is home to about six million people as of 2019, making it one of the most populated areas in the…

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