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Corporate Apartment Rentals In Toronto

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The city of Toronto is considered to be a major Canadian hub, filled with millions of residents, visitors, and businesses. As a result, it’s fairly common for those in corporate settings to visit Toronto short-term for various projects. Whether you’re an employer looking to house a consultant in Toronto, or you’re an individual living in Toronto short-term for work, finding a safe, comfortable and convenient home are top priorities.

For those with jobs that require extended stints in unfamiliar locales, hotels may not be the best choice. They never quite feel like home and living the hotel lifestyle can get expensive – for the business traveller and for the company.

There is, however, another option: Olivia’s Housing.

Corporate Rents in Toronto

It’s common for corporate apartment rentals to also be referred to as corporate housing, executive apartments, serviced apartments, temporary housing or short-term housing. Typically, the average stay in corporate apartment rentals are two to three months – quite a bit longer than regular business trips.

Olivia’s Housing offers fully furnished, serviced housing available to rent on a temporary basis. All you need to bring is your suitcase and food for the fridge. We’ll provide everything from essentials like beds and furniture to minor home details like cookie sheets and clothing hangers. Olivia’s Housing is the best when it comes to corporate apartment rentals throughout Toronto.

Corporate housing often is located in apartments or condominiums.

Traditionally, business travellers were the main users of corporate housing. Think of someone assigned to train a remote client or a team getting a new project off the ground in a field office. However, corporate lodging has since gained popularity with a broad cross-section of people in need of medium-term accommodations.

Business travellers still use corporate housing, as do government employees on extended assignments. Corporate housing is particularly useful for relocating employees, especially corporate executives. In fact, the Corporate Housing Providers Association reports that relocation is the reason for the extended stay 40% of the time.

Relocating employees might live in corporate apartment rentals temporarily to try out a neighbourhood or while selling their old house or finding a new house. There’s no pressure to buy or rent a new home immediately. And if a new city or position turns out not to be a good fit, there’s no lease to break.

What separates Olivia’s housing from other temporary housing solutions in Toronto is our careful attention to detail. We understand the needs of people working in business and consulting, and how homes that are fully furnished and move-in ready can make all the difference. For those looking for temporary housing fit for families, our homes come complete with decor, utensils and other household goods. For families in between homes, our temporary housing solutions are ideal! You can keep all of your personal belongings packed and ready for your forever-home while using all of the housewares provided in our furnished apartments.

We’ve considered the lives of our clients while designing and developing our corporate apartment rentals, from the neighbourhoods to amenities included. All of our homes are located in prime neighbourhoods near public transportation, grocery stores, and other convenient places. Many of our homes are pet-friendly and include amenities like pools, gyms and more. Upon request, we offer additional services at extra costs for your convenience. Our extended services include airport pickup and dropoff, housekeeping (weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly), professional home chefs, home fitness trainers, and in-home massages. Our goal at Olivia’s Housing is to make your moving transition period as easy as possible. Let us do the work so you can dedicate your focus to work-life!
Some of the most common industries for corporate housing clients include:

  • Healthcare, such as travel nurses and medical researchers.
  • Entertainment, such as stage performers and film crews.
  • Energy, such as oil and gas exploration workers.
  • Professional services, such as consultants.
  • Government and military, such as reassigned service members.
  • Manufacturing and construction, such as project managers.
  • Finance and banking, such as auditors.
  • Technology, such as contracted programmers.

Why Choose Corporate Apartment Rentals in Toronto?

Corporate housing has also become popular for interns, both medical interns, and business interns. Rather than going to the trouble of arranging for utilities, furniture, and housewares, they can simply pay one fee that takes care of everything.

Homeowners temporarily displaced by a fire or other disaster may also occupy corporate housing. In these situations, insurance companies shoulder the cost of putting claimants up in a housing of “like-kind” while their homes are being repaired.

Rather than having to spend your off-hours in a cramped hotel room, you can spend your already limited free time in a beautiful, fully furnished home. Some of our furnished suites have access to game rooms, hot tubs, barbecues, grills and more! For those that aren’t quite used to the colder months in Toronto, we even offer temporary homes with access to Toronto’s underground path! You’ll be able to enjoy all the pleasures of home life without having to spend hours investing in houseware, expensive commute, or furniture.

Having a real home to yourself can mean that you can feel comfortable within your own space, prepare your own meals, and live freely without having to check-in without hotel staff and cleaners regularly. Olivia’s housing provides the best alternatives to traditional hotels and enables you to explore your new hometown as a real local.

We are proud to offer the best value and pricing for corporate apartment rentals in Toronto, and even offer a lowest price guarantee. If you show us a quote for furnished suites that are similar to ours, we will beat the price by at least 5%! Our team is always available to assist you through your moving transition and will happily work to resolve any issues or answer questions.

What Are the Benefits of Corporate Apartment Rental for Business Consultants?

Corporate housing units often are in apartment and condo buildings near major employers.

One might think of corporate housing as a happy medium between a hotel stay and renting a furnished apartment.

Like a house or apartment, corporate housing offers a high level of privacy and features many of the comforts of home. After all, there’s no need to dine out or order room service every night since most short-term rentals feature a full kitchen with pots, pans, dishes, and utensils. And unlike many extended-stay hotels, corporate housing typically is located in a residential setting.

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