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A man and a woman moving in their new Toronto home

How to Pick the Right Toronto Neighbourhood to Live In

Moving can be an exciting, albeit stressful, experience. This is true even if the move is planned well in advance but can be especially so if it is due to unforeseen circumstances. Individuals who find themselves in the latter position might end up struggling to find a place to live without having to sign a…
Best Option For Trips To Toronto

6 Ways Olivia’s Housing Is The Best Option For Trips To Toronto

Looking for a place to stay in Toronto? Whether it’s for the weekend or an extended term, you may be tempted to book a hotel or Airbnb. But guess what? You have better options! Olivia’s Housing offers fully-furnished and sophisticatedly designed short term rentals in Toronto to help you have a memorable stay. They provide…
short and long-term stays in Toronto

The Top 4 Reasons Olivia’s Housing Offers The Best Value

Whether you’re in Toronto for business or personal travel, when it comes to finding comfortable accommodations, there is no shortage of furnished apartments for rent in the city. These days you have a variety of options to choose from, including privately rented rooms, apartment complexes, or even more informal “BnB” style arrangements. With so many…
Short Term Rentals In Toronto

5 Situations Where Short Term Rentals In Toronto Make Sense

December 2017 – There are more reasons for a short-term stay in Toronto than you might think!  The short stay housing industry is often seen as a niche, but if anything, that’s only because a lot of people don’t know all the many reasons that a short-term rental makes sense.  This may end up leading…
Toronto Furnished Apartments

Concierge Services For Toronto Furnished Apartments

Business is booming, and more people are looking for short-term monthly rentals in Toronto than ever before.  You have a lot of choices on the market, ranging from standard hotels to home rentals. So why choose Olivia’s Housing for your short-term monthly rentals in Toronto? There are plenty of reasons, including our reasonable prices, our…

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