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If you live outside of Toronto and are in town for a short period visiting family, attending conferences or enjoying the sights and sounds of the city, staying in a hotel, even an extended-stay hotel, may not be economically feasible. Instead, turn to Olivia's Housing for all-inclusive short term stays in Toronto.

There are many types of travellers and each of them has a variety of needs and tastes. We constantly strive to offer comfortable apartments that meet a diverse range of criteria to ensure that each of the personal requirements of our guests will be catered to, whether you are a family on the move, an executive on an extended stay or an international student. Olivia’s Housing provides solutions to your short term stay Toronto needs.

Olivia's Housing is a Toronto marketplace for furnished apartments. Contact our team for simple solutions to finding all-inclusive and comfortable short term stays Toronto for your entire family.

Furnished Student & Faculty Housing

Students, Professors, and Educational Institutions

Furnished Student & Faculty Housing When people think of short term rentals, they often think of accommodations for tourists or people working on the road for business. At Olivia’s Housing we’re proud to offer accommodations for a wide variety of individuals, including domestic and international students, interns and teachers looking to pursue educational opportunities in Toronto. With…
Short-Term Rental in Toronto

Corporate Housing

Corporate Housing For Travel Agents & Relocation Specialists Olivia’s Housing has a long-standing partnership with the travel industry, and for good reason. There’s a clear link between the needs of corporate travel managers and relocation specialists, and what we have to offer. As a travel agency or relocation specialist, booking corporate housing and temporary accommodations for all…
real estate agent toronto rentals

Real Estate

Furnished Real Estate Rentals In Toronto For Real Estate Agents At Olivia’s Housing, we’ve thought of it all so you don’t have to! We understand that there are a variety of different scenarios in which people may need short term accommodations, and we’re here to provide it, including services to real estate agents in Toronto. …
Temporary Furnished Housing for Medical Stays


Furnished Apartments & Short Term Rentals For Patients & Medical Staff Temporary Furnished Housing for Medical Stays in Toronto: Here at Olivia’s Housing, we understand the urgency of healthcare professionals as they seek short-term rentals within tight time constraints. Many people in hospital environments don’t have the luxury of shopping around over a period of…
Short Term Rentals For Legal Professionals

Legal Dissolution

Short Term Rentals For Legal Professionals & Legal Dissolution LEGAL PROFESSIONALS As a legal professional or employer, individual and group traveling comes with the territory. To stay at the top, legal professionals need quality accommodations that they can count on. Olivia’s Housing serves the legal industry by providing temporary corporate apartments with full amenities and…