Furnished Apartments In Toronto For Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, clients are your most important investment. When your clients need temporary housing, you can rely on Olivia's Housing Furnished Suites Toronto to ease their transition.

We provide a valuable connection for real estate agents by facilitating work with clients who may temporarily require a furnished suite in Toronto.

Whether your real estate clients are experiencing delays in their property closing, construction delays, relocation issues, or other challenges related to their move, we’ll be there to provide support through temporary furnished housing. We’ll ensure that your clients are set up in comfort and style in a furnished rental apartment near their new location.

Olivia's Housing partners with real estate brokerages by handling their clients’ housing-related headaches. We’ll take care of the touring and paperwork for you. A referral to us means your clients will be comfortable and satisfied—because no other furnished housing provider offers the lifestyle, choice, and attention to detail that we do.

Contact a member of our corporate sales team, who can match you with the perfect furnished rental accommodations to suit you or your clients needs.

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